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We consistently satisfy our client base by providing timely service, practical advice and of course, stunning results.
McIntyre Vaughan & CO is the Quinte Region's premier Real Estate Group. We operate via eXp Realty Brokerage.
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Through the standardized teaching and testing of the Ontario Real Estate College, we learn about the expected professionalism of a REALTOR®️, extensive knowledge of land and structures, the depth of contracts and transactions, knowledge of commercial transactions, and most importantly, the laws, codes, restrictions and liabilities around our work.

These studies teach us to accurately and effectively represent our clients with the utmost knowledge and professionalism through constant practice and difficult examinations.
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Information Access

Being a “REALTOR®️” means that we are licensed members of organized real estate boards. Your local REALTOR®️ would be registered to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Ontario Real Estate Association, the local real estate board, as well as be affiliated with RECO- the Real Estate Council of Ontario and MLS. Having all of these connections broadens our scope of information access and resources. These give us access to databases that assist us with searching history of properties, specifics of properties, searching demographics and specifics of neighbourhoods, and also provide us with the ability to do criteria-specific searches to find buyers exactly what they’re looking for in a home, which, the benefit of a seller, would be having that national exposure on our web presence for buyers to seek.

Our resources and knowledge also give us the ability to prepare comparative market analyses which help us determine a sensible selling price for your home based off of research and history.
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Producing a Contract

One of the greatest advantages of having a REALTOR®️ represent you is that they do the tedious contract writing with you. This is obviously the most serious, and crucial part of the buying and selling process. In our OREA schooling, we were taught to analyze and understand every part of the most frequently used contracts. Most commonly analyzed was the Agreement of Purchase and Sale OREA Form. Not only were we taught how to analyze the contracts, but we were also given incomplete mock contracts, which we had to accurately complete.

This gives us the confidence to reproduce these contracts in reality. This confidence, along with competency, allow us to accurately depict the needs of our clients within a written contract.

Another advantage to having a REALTOR®️ assist with these contracts is the resources that we have access to, because these resources provide us with standard OREA forms to use with our clients which makes the process much more efficient and assures that every common aspect of the purchase and sale is addressed.

Having a professional prepare such a critical contract is worth your trust.
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Negotiation Process

Most people don’t like arguing, but as humans, we all want what we want and we don’t like being told “No”. Especially when it comes to the details of your home sale. Your REALTOR®️ will help with all of the negotiations which will save you time and energy to focus on other important aspects of the process. It’s hard for buyers and sellers to remove emotion from negotiations because of their personal interest in the home, which can cause unnecessary stress for both parties. These negotiations are easier for representatives, because we are trained to do such as part of business and don’t have that emotional attachment to the home.

If you tell us what you want, we’re going to strive to get you what you want, in the most professional manner.
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It has been proven that most leads for sales are generated from the internet. Having a REALTOR®️ represent you means that you'll have the option to have your listing available online. This includes REALTOR.CA®️, their own personal website, social media plugs like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN. Having this professional web presence greatly increases your chances of selling your house quicker. Aside from the classic web presence, I personally like creating videos, doing contests online where listings are shared, and making the experience of selling a house more interactive and broad.
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Military Relocation

Are you relocating for the Military? An added honour I have is being a registrant with BRGS. BGRS is a leading global provider of real estate and relocation services, technology, and knowledge. I have helped multiple families involved in the Canadian Forces make moves throughout Ontario while ensuring the process is as low-stress and enjoyable as possible.

Whether relocating or releasing, I will help ease you through the process and provide all of the resources you could need in the duration!